What You Should Ask When Hiring a Commercial Painting Service Provider

Painting an office or an entire building is a serious project requiring much skill. As a business owner, the appearance of your business should be your number one priority. Since there are many inexperienced and even unqualified commercial painting contractors out there, we want to suggest you ask these questions before hiring a dependable commercial painting service provider:

Is your company insured? Hiring a painting company without worker’s liability insurance is not recommended. As a consumer, you should never consider hiring a contractor offering you an unrealistically low bid because that usually means he is not insured; This is bad news for your safety and peace of mind during the painting process. If anything happens to a worker while on your property, you will be held liable and have to pay his medical expenses in the hospital. Remember, you should ask to see proof of valid insurance certificates.
Are you working with subcontractors or employees? Some painting contractors work with subcontractors because it lowers their outlay. Subcontractors are normally paid a flat fee which is not very high. So, you can imagine the quality of their work. You need a company with their own team of well-trained and qualified painters.
What materials do you use? Every professional painting service provider will tell you that the quality of their materials used will have an impact on the final results. In fact, there is a huge difference between coatings like paints and stains. Special coatings should be used for specific applications. You should ask for a detailed explanation, this will check their knowledge too.
What kind of training does your staff have? You should always hire contractors who have employees with the necessary training and expertise. A team with well-trained painters make fewer mistakes, allows a project to be completed in a timely manner, and reduces accidents and misfortunes.

Tims Painting and more LLC is a commercial painting service provider whose unequivocal services are popular in the area. We are located in Lakeland, FL. If you need to learn more about us, you can dial (863) 258-5157.


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